Davida Holmes

The Mistress of Filth

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Davida Holmes' Sophomore Album - I Rule With An Iron Fist!

1. Iron Fist
2. Street Meat
3. It Takes One To Know One
4. Stop The Flooding
5. The Panting
6. Toothed Avenger
7. I've Changed Everything
8. Swallow
9. Pet
10. Wagon Wheel (Bonus Track)


Pitchfork (9.0/10): "Forget all that you thought you knew about Davida Holmes. Tackling every topic from S&M to a failed marriage, on Fist, Holmes is out to let people know that she is no one trick pony. Even more noteworthy than this album's subject matter is Holmes' seamless experimentation with the jazz, electropop, and country genres. The only problem Holmes really faces now is topping this album"

Blender ****:
"On her sophomore album, Holmes pulls out all the stops in a way only she could. Lyrically, we find Holmes familiar brand of clever rhyming, but musically Holmes is more personal than ever. Fist is quite a unique album that will have you stripping, dancing, and crying at the same time."

The Guardian ****1/2:
"Never missing a single beat, Davida Holmes lets her musical genius shine through. On I Rule With An Iron Fist!, Davida lets her listeners know how fragile she can be through tracks like the Loretta Lynn inspired The Panting, while never letting them forget how powerful her pussy is"

Allmusic *****: "The Mistress of Filth is back and better than before. Davida Holmes exercises her versatility as a musician all throughout this album. Every track on this album is a masterpiece... The thumping, club-ready Stop The Flooding, the percussion heavy Iron Fist, and the sexiest rendition of the Wagon Wheel ever. This one's a keeper"


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